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About The Survivor Leader Network of San Diego


The SLNSD was formed in 2013 as Co Founders Autumn Burris from Survivors for Solutions and Kathi Hardy from Freedom from Exploitation brought  local survivor leaders from the San Diego region together in order to build a model for peer support, empowerment, and collaboration to San Diego. The Survivor Leader Network of San Diego members have been actively engaged in the community of San Diego and they have each taken a stand together in pursuit of efforts against Human Trafficking.  They saw a need for teamwork and promotion of collaboration with Law enforcement and other local NGO's striving together to end Human trafficking and exploitation of San Diego's most vulnerable populations. In order to accomplish their goals, the SLNSD become a 501c3 to further their mission to build up survivor leadership and collaboration within the community. As they stand together in unity and support for all survivors, they remain focused on the needs of the community and engage in all legislative efforts to end human trafficking and create better policies to aid victims of exploitation. As Subject Matter Experts, the members offer their own services to local NGOs and Law Enforcement by providing: training, fulfilling speaking engagements for the purpose of educating the community, as well as promoting and recommending policy change both locally and nationally. They make a difference in San Diego while running organizations of their own. Each member is driven by one common goal. To aid in the fight against exploitation. 

Meet The Founders




Autumn Burris is a public speaker, trainer, and policy analyst. As Founder and Director of Survivors for Solutions and a survivor of sexual exploitation, she is a leader in the movement to end all forms of sexual exploitation and is committed to generating positive social recognition and support for survivors




Kathi Hardy is the Founder of Freedom From Exploitation, and she is a Survivor of the Sex Industry, an Educator, Advocate, Abolitionist, and Mentor. Kathi Hardy is a well respected researcher and subject matter expert in the effects of trauma and human sex trafficking within the San Diego county region and was part of the most recent research project in SD which focused primarily on sex trafficking and gangs.

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Meet The Members

The members of the Survivor Leader Network of San Diego consist of  some of San Diego's most active survivor leader/S.M.E.'s who are working as advocates, abolitionists, mentors, entrepreneurs, and NGO's.




As Founder/CEO of The Well Path, Marjorie provides Mentor-ship, peer to peer support, education, and emergency shelter services to survivors trying to escape sex trafficking. Through The Well Path she also operates the North County First Offender Diversion Program  and hopes to provide long term/transitional housing to female survivors of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in the near future. Marjorie is an advocate, abolitionist, activist and mentor.

Currently Marjorie Saylor sits on the SLNSD board of Directors as Board President and works part time with the Alabaster Jar Project as their Program Director which oversees both their housing program and the drop-in resource center. She is also a member of the Survivor Voice Subcommittee of  The San Diego Regional Human Trafficking & Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Advisory Council



A word from Autumn: “Prostitution occurs at the nexus of racial, economic, and gender-based violence and oppression. It constitutes a violation of the most fundamental human rights, and embodies harms unimaginable. For the vast majority of those exploited, it is not chosen, and stems from a toxic combination of vulnerabilities. In practice, prostitution and trafficking are inextricable. There can be no end to trafficking and sexual exploitation without strong abolitionist politics and a firm commitment to dismantling systems of prostitution.” Autumn believes a strong peer driven model of leadership like the SLNSD has what it takes to empower other survivors out of such vulnerability and into thriving lives and future leadership.  




As a Full Time Student, Director of Educational Services for Freedom From Exploitation, Trainer, Public Speaker, and Advocate Crystal is one of the regions leading abolitionists of today. Her current studies focus on social work, and the effects of trauma and early childhood abuse.



A word from Co Founder Kathi Hardy: “Laws should reflect that no one is worth throwing away. There’s a war going on between good and evil. Normalizing the sex industry is on the side of evil. It justifies rape just because someone is getting paid for it. I was raped 12 times at knife and gunpoint and it had nothing to do with not getting paid. Violence happens because of people’s mental instability and sex addiction. It is necessary to fight the demand and the money that drives it.” Kathi's focus currently is ending the demand. She has worked for several years educating the public, at risk youth, exploited individuals and the exploiters on the demand side in order to reduce victim recidivism and end the demand for modern day slavery.

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Jessica Kim, MSW, Vice-president of the Survivor Leader Network of San Diego, Social Worker, Author, and Public Speaker. She has over 10 years of experience in prevention, education, research, and public speaking in the anti-human trafficking field. After she escaped years of sexual exploitation under the control of her step-father, she found freedom through her faith and through education. Passionate about learning and books, Jessica now uses her knowledge and life experience to educate and inspire a wide range of audiences. Through her work with Point Loma Nazarene University, she continues to find solutions to empower the public and survivors of trafficking to exit the life of exploitation and find freedom. She is currently in the development stage of Onramps, a multidisciplinary, collaborative effort to build financial and educational opportunities for survivors of trafficking. She is also the Survivor Voice Chair on the Survivor Voice Subcommittee of The San Diego Regional Human Trafficking & Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Advisory Council, and is the Student Success Coordinator at the Center for Justice and Reconciliation at Point Loma Nazarene University.



Buki Domingos is a versatile singer/songwriter,instrumentalist, Nurse in Germany and USA. Activist, and Motivational Speaker with over two decades of stage experience. Buki has an Album ``To God in Prayer” and a Single “A Better World & Trust'', several music projects, and productions throughout Africa, Europe, and USA., Board President of Activist San Diego, Radio Show Host on KNSJ 89.1FM (Alafia Voices of the African Diaspora) a social justice radio station in San Diego (owned by Activist San Diego) and a founder of the Racial Justice Coalition of San Diego. Buki has toured Europe and West Africa with several celebrities like Sir Elton John and African Mega Stars like Angelique Kidjo. A survivor of human trafficking, she uses her story to motivate and raise awareness nationwide.. Buki Domingos is the 2019 KPBS and NCRC winner of the Community Heros Award for her work to raise awareness around human trafficking using her voice as a tool in Motivational speaking and songs. Buki is also one of the honorees of the 2020 National Conflict Resolution Center and a KPBS sponsored Peacemaker awards for her work around human trafficking. https://www.kpbs.org/community-heroes/


www.bukidomingos.com  or www.reverbnation.com 

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